One of the conveniences of choosing Standard Title, LLC for your real estate transaction is the availability of skilled attorneys at our fingertips to assist you through the process. Not only do these accomplished attorneys handle the conflicts that might arise within a particular transaction, but they bring to the table a vast degree of legal experience and skill in a wide range of practice areas. The attorneys at Standard Law, PLC seek to protect and advance their clients’ interests under a multitude of circumstances and can assist you in reaching your legal objectives with professional legal representation and counsel in the following areas:

  1. Real Estate, Construction & Property Law
      • Contract Development & Review
        • Construction & Development Projects
        • Commercial Property Acquisitions
        • Contractor & Subcontractor Agreements
      • Commercial and Residential Property Closings
      • Commercial and Residential Lease Preparation
      • Environmental Compliance
      • Finance Arrangements of Commercial and Residential Developments
      • Land Use, Zoning, and Permitting
  2. Estate Planning, Administration & Probate
      • Last Will & Testaments
      • Trusts
      • Succession Proceedings
      • Contested Succession Litigation
  1. Real Estate, Construction & Property Law
      • General Counsel
        • Regulatory Compliance
        • Financing
      • Business Formation
        • Operating Agreements
        • Joint Venture Agreements
        • Company By-Laws
        • Partnership Agreements
      • Buying or Selling a Business
      • Contract Development & Review
      • Contract Negotiation and Advocacy
      • Commercial Litigation, Mediation and Arbitratio
      • Bankruptcy Litigation
      • Judgment Enforcement
  2. Personal Injury
      • Negligence
  3. Family & Domestic Law
      • General Counsel