About Us


Standard Title began operations in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 2001. Since this time, our professional staff has closed upwards of 20,000 real estate and loan transactions. We recognize success by developing long-standing professional relationships with area experts such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders, banking representatives, home-builders and developers. We continue to challenge ourselves and our staff to continue to grow professionally and have expanded our offices in Lake Charles, Jennings, Baton Rouge and New Iberia.


Our mission at Standard Title is to set the standard, higher: standards of professionalism, standards of integrity, standards of efficiency, and, ultimately, standards of our service to you.


Closing your real estate transaction should not be overwhelming. The professionals at Standard Title commit to providing a pleasurable experience from start to finish. When choosing Standard Title, you can feel confident that your transaction will be our priority until it is closed. We take pride in our level of commitment and dedication, which we believe you will find unrivaled among our competitors.